Humidifier Brands

There are many different companies which produce humidifiers.  We will focus on the top three companies.


“The Holmes company develops and manufactures industry leading home environmental products.”  These products are well known and sold all over the world. The Holmes company prides itself on offering great value as well as innovation and quality which are “unmatched in the industry.”  The products produced are tested using the Six Sigma standard, which is the highest standard of quality available on the market.  Using this standard helps Holmes produce nearly flawless products.  Holmes offers both warm and cool mist humidifiers


The Vicks company has been producing medicine and medical products for over 100 years.  They pride themselves on being a family focused company whose goal is to provide the best products for the health and wellbeing of your family.  They offer both warm and cool mist humidifiers.  They also offer the medicine that can go into a warm mist humidifier to aid in easier breathing when you are suffering from the flu or a common cold.


The Honeywell company offers whole house humidifier systems as well as single room units.  Their TrueSTEAM humidification system uses less water than other whole house systems, works independent of your heating and cooling system, and uses steam which is the cleanest form of humidification.